3 Ways To Sell Bulk Download Images
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Tuesday, March 17, 2020
By Jeremy H
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With the launch of PhotoBiz Bulk Downloads, proofing galleries can now be set up in different ways for people to download their favorite images or entire galleries. Clients can purchase images or you can provide them for no extra charge. Client photos can be purchased fast and easy through PhotoBiz Proofing. In this article, we'll break down options for your clients to buy images and packages from you and how to set them up so you can start selling today!

Digital Image Set Up - Individual File Download

You can create Digital Image downloads by setting up this feature in E-commerce. Make a set price for each individual file in this section, then they can select multiple files from their gallery they would like to purchase. Your client will then get a receipt sent to them with a link to download all the files purchased.

Digital Package Set Up - For Multiple File Download

Want to sell Digital Packages for your clients to select their favorites to purchase? You can create multiple packages with different amounts of photos per package. For Example, We created a 100 image package above. Your clients can then select this package as an option, then select each photo they like to download as a digital file. Once they've picked 100 pictures and met the criteria for that package, they can purchase it. In their receipt, a link to download all files will be available.

Purchase Gallery or Favorites Option

If a client wants to purchase all the photos in a gallery or favorites, you can set up a package to make this happen. After they buy this option, you can see it on the purchase invoice. Next, you can go to that client and email them a direct download link. You can set it up for all photos or their favorites; you choose how you want your packages made.

These are just three ways you cans set up digital sales for Bulk Downloads. You can also set up digital download passwords for your clients to give them access or only allow the galleries to be downloadable with no purchase. It is up to you and how to set up your proofing galleries.

Ready to get started but need assistance setting-up your bulk download options? Give our Customer Support Team a call at 1-866-463-7620. They are prepared to assist you with your needs! 


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