3 Powerful Forms You Can Make Right Now Using the PhotoBiz Form Builder
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Friday, April 17, 2020
By Jeremy H
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Forms are an excellent way for a customer to get in touch with you, to take payments, and even execute digital contracts. There are so many ways to use them and creating forms with the PhotoBiz Form Builder is easy!. We have a collection of preset forms that are simple to modify or you can make your own. In this blog post, we'll create three powerful forms every photographer should use and show you how to modify them swiftly  for your business. 

NOTE: Never used the PhotoBiz Form Builder? No worries, we made a walkthrough video to help you get started.

1. Create a form to take payments

A form that can take a payment may be the most common form that you need to make and it's really simple to set up. From the presets, select a PAYMENT FORM. Then, you can modify the specifics for the form, such as RADIO SELECT BLOCK if you have a single option or a CHECKBOX BLOCK for multiple options such as add-ons to a package. You can make these blocks have currency values for the selected options so when they are selected a price is triggered. If they select multiple options with a CHECKBOX BLOCK, each option is added at the end for the total price.

A few examples of reasons you may want to set up a form that can take payments include:

Note: You must set up an account with a merchant and attach your account information to our Ecommerce panel. You can seamlessly create and connect an account through your PhotoBiz control panel.

Setting up a merchant

The most important part of a form that accepts a payment is the merchant. This is critical for the form to work. To add a merchant, click on the PAYMENT BLOCK then click ADD MERCHANT.

Click NEW MERCHANT, and then you will be prompt with choosing our preferred merchants. You can select any merchant, If you don't have one, sign up through the one you'd to select. 

Once you've signed up, you'll be able to add your account details to activate the merchant system. Now your merchant set up is complete. When you return to your form you see the block is now checked with Setup Complete.

Your form is now ready to accept payments. Each time you set up a new form with payments, you won't need to add a merchant.

2. Create mini-session or event forms

Creating event specific forms such as mini-sessions are a great way to get a lot of customers to book for a single-day of events. A form is perfect to sign people up for that event. We have a Mini-Session form available in our preset collection, which makes it easy for you to select the template and modify it. 

To set up the mini-session times, you can use a RADIO SELECT BLOCK.

If you want to sign people up for multiple days on a single form, you can do this by using conditional fields.

The best way to do this is to set up a RADIO SELECT BLOCK to let people pick which day they want to sign up for and then set up a TITLE BLOCK add RADIO SELECT BLOCK for each day You can do this quickly by creating one of each and then copying them for each day. 

Then you can return to the RADIO SELECT BLOCK for people to select a day and click on ADVANCED. Next, set up the CONDITIONAL FIELDS to display the TITLE BLOCK and RADIO SELECT BLOCK for that day.

Once you have the conditional fields set, when a customer selects a day, they will see only that day's options.

You can also use conditional fields to help people choose backgrounds and props from certain collections. The key to using conditional fields is IF one thing happens THEN something else will happen.

3. Create contracts

PhotoBiz has preset model releases and contracts ready for you to customize with your legal language.  


Digital contracts are perfect for:

Any form you make can be made into a contract by adding a SIGNATURE BLOCK. Our digital signature feature allows your customers to use they keyboard or phone to leave a script like signature to make it official. 

You can also add a DATE BLOCK to record when the contract was signed.

Both you and your client will receive Email that you can print for record keeping. In the Contacts tab, your CRM collects and store all interactions with clients such as purchases and form documentation. Your contracts will be stored here as well for record keeping.

The PhotoBiz Form Builder is a powerful tool for photographers. Thanks to our presets, you can quickly make forms and change them to meet your business needs. Taking payments helps you get paid and booking events helps your customers secure time with you. PhotoBiz Forms are a simple way to make that happen. 

We recently hosted a Facebook Live event showcasing how to build these types of forms! Watch the recording to learn more about how to create these forms for your business.

If you need help setting up your forms, our support team is happy to  assist you. Give us a call at (866) 463-7620 or submit a support ticket.

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