Why you should switch to PhotoBiz 8
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Wednesday, June 10, 2020
By Jeremy H.
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PhotoBiz features and tools just keep getting better and better. We recently added bulk downloads to Proofing, launched an appointment Scheduler, and numerous other enhancements. All these new features are exclusive to PhotoBiz 8, the most advanced website builder for photographers, and thousands of professional photographers are already taking advantage of its incredible features.

The PhotoBiz platform is always evolving. If you were a customer before 2018, you may not have made the jump to PhotoBiz 8, yet. No worries, we want to walk you through setting it up.

If you are a current customer and not quite sure what product you have, here is a breakdown of our current and past platforms.

PhotoBiz 8 (2018 - Present)

PhotoBiz 8 is our current platform and we are continually enhancing the features and developing new tools for it. When we launched PhotoBiz 8 we updated everything behind the scenes to give you a versatile collection of templates, more robust tools, and increase the speed of your website, to keep your website modern, ready to grow, and able to perform best for your business.

Want to see the benefits of PhotoBiz 8 over the previous versions? Click here to see our comparison chart. If you don’t have a PhotoBiz website just yet, see how we compare with other website builders.


Legacy Builder (2013 - 2018, no longer updated)

This website builder features vertical page designs based on the use of specific page types and layouts. You can create and add customization to a legacy builder website and its pages, however, it lacks new features and drag and drop features that are standard with our current builder. 


Portfolio Builder (2008 - 2015, no longer updated)

The portfolio builder was our smartphone-friendly website builder. It featured horizontal page designs and allowed you to create individual pages and galleries. Many tools like a Store, Blog, and Proofing were add-ons (now they are included with the PhotoBiz 8 platform).


Flash Website Builder (2004 - 2013, no longer supported)

Our first website builder allowed people to set up and style Flash websites. It was a simple tool with a focus on interactivity and was a pioneer in the early years of the web. With the rise of smart devices and new software enhancements, Flash is no longer supported in browsers. It's critical to upgrade from Flash if you still use this style of website.


Switching to PhotoBiz 8

Watch this video to walk you through switching to PhotoBiz 8


You can switch to PhotoBiz 8 with a push of a button. In the WEBSITE tab of your control panel, there is a TRY PHOTOBIZ 8 button. When you click it, you will be prompted to switch your site to PhotoBiz 8 and choose a new template. Don't worry. Your existing site won't go live till you tell it to.

You can click around and preview what each page of your site will look like before you select the template you want. 

Import your content or start fresh

After you select a template (which you can change anytime), you'll be asked if you want to import your existing website content or start fresh using the template's pre-filled layout.



The import tool is handy if you're already pretty happy with how your website looks. 

When you choose to import, our system will take your existing content and put it in the new PhotoBiz 8 blocks for you. The import tool is pretty smart! If you don't have a lot of extra code or CSS on your current site, we find that it is about 90% accurate.

Note: Keep in mind that you have one chance to import your builder content using this automated tool. If you change your mind after starting fresh, you'll have to put everything back in yourself.

After you import your content, you should look over your pages and make sure everything is where you want it before you go live. The PhotoBiz 8 version of your website will be hidden from visitors until you are ready to publish.

Note: We recommend importing your content, and then updating your photos after the import. Over the years we have optimized our system to support and build websites with larger images. Depending on when your photos were uploaded, they may not be the optimal size for our new builder. Your work may have changed too, so use this as an opportunity to show your best current work!


Starting fresh means that your images and content will NOT be imported into the PhotoBiz 8 builder. The system will load placeholder content in the template you select and then you can customize it. All of the blocks, images, and placeholder text will be there for you to edit, move, configure, and load your images into. 

This is great for folks who want to try a brand new look and take advantage of our designer-styled layouts! Our designers have created these templates so that photographers can pop in their own words and images and roll.  

Launching Your Photobiz 8 Site

Your old site will  still be live and accessible to your customers while you're perfecting your new Photobiz 8 site, and you can switch back and forth between the new and old builder by clicking the link in the upper right that says "GO TO LEGACY BUILDER." 


PRO TIP: It's a good idea to open up two tabs (one with the legacy builder, one with PhotoBiz 8) so you can quickly move between the two versions of your site while you build. 


Once you have set up and styled your new site, to launch simply go to the MENU tab at the top right of your control panel and click DOMAINS. Click EDIT MAIN and select your PHOTOBIZ 8 SUBDOMAIN then hit SAVE CHANGES.


If you need help, we're here for you.

Take some time to explore the PhotoBiz 8 builder to see what's new! There are a ton of new features, blocks, layouts, and options for everything. No changes will be pushed to your live site until you are ready to publish. 

If you get stuck, click on the orange question mark icon in the bottom right corner of the control panel to access the PhotoBiz Assistant. You can watch tutorial videos, read knowledge base articles, and submit support tickets.

Want us to do it for you? Get a Jumpstart

Our Pro Services team can assist you in getting everything set up for you with our Jumpstart service. We'll import your current site into a PhotoBiz 8 platform template of your choice, and correct and tweak the site till it's just right. Learn more about Jumpstart and its details here.

Once the site is set up, our support team can walk you through making updates and changes to your website. By making the switch to PhotoBiz 8, you'll be unlocking tons of new tools and features like our Scheduler and pop-up banners and sticky bars

If you need help deciding how to make the switch, CALL US at 866.463.7620! Our team will help you get started today.


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