Website, Custom Site, Jumpstart: Which Is Right For You?
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Friday, March 16, 2018
By Holly H
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When building your website, PhotoBiz gives you plenty of choices on how to go about it, depending on the level of help you need. There's the regular DIY Website, our Jumpstart service where we put your content in for you, and the full Custom Design service with all the bells and whistles included.

Let’s dive into the details about how all of these options work and how to decide which is right for you.

DIY Website 

Getting started building your own website with PhotoBiz is easy! Just choose a design from our library of customizable pre-styled templates and start plugging in your words and images. If you ever need help, you can call our team and get expert advice. You’re in total control.

This approach is great for people who:

  1. Love to do things themselves

  2. Are very motivated

  3. Have time & inspiration

  4. Want a very low-cost web option, or

  5. Need something relatively simple



DIY websites are a flat $29/month, or with annual billing it’s just $25/month.


Tech & Design Skills:

You don’t need to have any special skills to start building your own website. But as with anything new, you should expect a brief learning period. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to become totally familiar with the platform, all of the layout options, and how to build the way you like.

If you’re handy with code, you are welcome to use custom CSS or embed code to tweak your site beyond the standard settings and get it exactly the way you like. But if you’d rather not deep dive into the guts of your website, that’s OK – we have many easy styling options that are ready to go right out of the box.


Time To Launch:

It’s totally up to you and the amount of time you 1) need and 2) take. We’ve seen folks go live in a couple days, but of course it all depends on your energy and your workload. Many people find that without a push from a professional to get it done, they end up taking much longer than they'd like to finish.



You are always welcome to call us whenever you have any questions. We have a whole crew of dedicated support professionals standing by to give you help and lots of handy tips! There are also video tutorials in the builder that you can watch, and you can always check out our support hub to read exactly how to do what you want to accomplish.

Jumpstart Service

If you want some help getting started (but not a full custom design), our Jumpstart service gets the hard work out of the way so you can launch quickly. We take your existing pictures and text to build your pages for you. We’ll also make some stylistic choices based on your direction – like picking colors, backgrounds, and layouts. Then, we turn it over to you so you can make whatever tweaks or additions you want before you launch. 

Jumpstarts are preferred by people who: 

  1. Already have a website or have content ready to go

  2. Want someone to help get them started

  3. Need to launch their site very quickly, or

  4. Would like some professional help, but don’t need a full custom web design


The Jumpstart service is a one-time $250 fee, in addition to your monthly website membership.


Tech & Design Skills:

Minimal tech or design skills are needed, because our Jumpstart crew will be placing your content for you!


Time To Launch:

The goal of the Jumpstart Service is to get you up and running within 30 days or less. Your Jumpstart begins as soon as you give us your website content and chat with our team about your vision. On average, Jumpstarts complete in 2 weeks once your content has been provided… but if you have your information ready to go, you can be up much sooner.


Service & Support:

You’ll be paired with a web expert who will work with you personally throughout your Jumpstart. They will be your point person, building your site and answering all of your questions until you are ready to launch. After your site is live, you always have full, free access to our stellar support team if you have questions or want help making changes to your site.

Custom Design 

Some people prefer to leave their website design to the pros. With our custom design package, you get full-service treatment – a professionally styled website made completely for you, a brand new logo design (or a refresh of your existing logo)... PLUS the loading of your website content!

You’ll work 1-on-1 with your design consultant to realize your vision, and we’ll elevate your website with custom graphics and fine details that push your site beyond what our standard templates offer.

Custom designs are ideal for people who: 

  1. Are WAY too busy to spend time building a site

  2. Don’t want to push any buttons at all

  3. Have a specific or detailed vision, or

  4. Want a very professional, custom site with details that set it apart from the rest


Custom websites are a one-time $1500 fee, in addition to your monthly website membership. This includes working with our design team, a full-service build and styling of your site, a logo design, and 2 design revisions.


Tech & Design Skills:

Absolutely none! We take care of everything for you.


Time To Launch:

Custom websites complete in 30 days or less once you submit your content and meet with your design consultant. You’ll typically receive your first mockup in 7 business days after your design service is initiated.


Service & Support:

Our designers take your initial ideas and work in collaboration with you to craft a website that is elegantly detailed and shows your brand personality perfectly.

We can create custom graphics for your website and put in all kinds of little touches that push your design further – even elevating your initial ideas into something that is truly phenomenal. 

When we custom style a template, it can be altered in small ways that make a big impact. For example, on the custom site shown above (Today Is Forever Photography), our designer used CSS to convert a standard slideshow into a unique and fabulous collage with scrolling pictures. We take care to make sure any custom changes are still easy to update in the backend of your website, so after your site launches you can still go in and maintain your site with ease.

And of course, when your website is launched you can call on our team at any point to get answers, help or advice.


So How Do I Choose Which Option Is For Me?


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have time to build my own website?

  • Am I confident in my ability to build a great site?

  • Could I finish quickly if someone just put my pictures and words in for me?

  • Do I want something particularly special that the templates don’t already do?

  • Would having the help of a professional designer help me launch faster and get a better-designed site than I could do on my own?


Remember, you can always choose to work with our Jumpstart or Custom Design team at any point when building your website.

You can start with a DIY site, and if it’s not going as fast as you’d like, give us a call and we can get it done quickly. We are happy to help you build the website of your dreams and support you as you build a website that is just right for your business!

To learn more about our Jumpstart or Custom design services, visit photobiz.com/jumpstart or photobiz.com/custom-design.

We are also happy to help walk you through these options! Just call 866-463-7620.



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