Switching From Builder To PhotoBiz 8
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Saturday, April 27, 2019
By Holly H
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PhotoBiz 8 is the best website builder yet! We've updated everything to give you better designs, more robust tools, and faster speeds, to keep your website modern, ready to grow, and able to perform best for your business.

(Click here to compare the Legacy Builder to PhotoBiz 8 and see the difference!)

Switching to PhotoBiz 8 is not hard. But if you'd like help, our Jumpstart team can do it for you! Just choose a brand new design, provide updated content, and we'll put it together. We do the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy a robust all-in-one site that is perfectly optimized, lightning fast, and always on for customers. It's win-win! 

Don’t have time to build?
Get a Jumpstart!

Our Jumpstart team can build your PhotoBiz 8 site for you!
Just pick the template you want, and we'll move your content over in a flash. 

Let us do the hard work. Jumpstart is just $350!



Still interested in doing it yourself? Here’s how to move to the new platform and start building on PhotoBiz 8:

1. Click "TRY PHOTOBIZ 8” in your Builder

In your control panel, navigate to the builder. In the top right corner, you should see a green “TRY PHOTOBIZ 8” Button.  

One you click, you’ll see all of the NEW TEMPLATES available on PhotoBiz 8. You can click around here and preview what each will look like before you select the one you want. 



2. Import your content or start fresh

Start by selecting a template. (You can change your template anytime you like later, so don't worry!) You'll be asked if you want to import your existing content or start fresh using the template’s pre-filled layout.



The import tool is extremely useful if you’re already pretty happy with how your website looks. 

When you choose to import, our system will take your existing content and put in the new PhotoBiz 8 blocks for you. The import tool is pretty smart! If you don't have a lot of extra code or CSS on your current site, we find that it is about 90% accurate.

You should look over your pages and make sure everything is where you want it before you go live. The PhotoBiz 8 version of your website will be hidden from visitors until you are ready to publish. 



Starting fresh means that the system will load everything in the template for you to customize using the PhotoBiz 8 builder. All of the blocks, images, and placeholder text will be there for you to edit, move, configure, and load your own images into. 

This is great for folks who want to try a brand new look and take advantage of our designer-styled layouts! Our designers have created these templates so that photographers can just pop in their own words and images and roll.  

Your old site is still live and accessible to your customers while you're perfecting your new Photobiz8 site, and you can switch back and forth between the new and old Builder by clicking the link in the upper right that says "GO TO LEGACY BUILDER.” 

PRO TIP: It's a good idea to open up two tabs (one with the legacy builder, one with PhotoBiz 8) so you can easily move between the two versions of your site while you build. 

Keep in mind that you have one chance to import your builder content using this automated tool. If you change your mind after starting fresh, you'll have to put everything back in yourself. If you need help deciding which to do, CALL US at 866-463-7620



3. Explore the new PhotoBiz 8 & build your website!

Take some time to check around to see what's new! There are a ton of new features, blocks, layouts and options for everything – so go ahead and explore! No changes will be pushed to your live site until you are ready to publish. 

If you get stuck, look for the orange tutorial buttons on each page. A screen will pop up with a video and step by step instructions to show you exactly what to do. Here's one about how to use a cool new Text + Image block in the builder! 


PhotoBiz - How To Use Text + Image Blocks from PhotoBiz on Vimeo.


Ashlie, Emma, and Jeremy worked really hard to make a TON of helpful videos and articles to help you along. (Here are a bunch more of them to check out if you want to do that first: https://vimeo.com/photobiz)



4. Publish when you're ready!

Once everything is good to go you can publish your website!

To do this, go to the MENU in the top right of your screen and click DOMAINS. You'll see your active domain and your PhotoBiz 8 site in draft below. Just click EDIT MAIN to make the change, and update your domain to the new site. Voila! You're live! 

As always, if you need any help or want to chat with our team, give us a call at 866-463-7620 and well be glad to help! 




Learn More About PhotoBiz 8!







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Randy - Great work guys and gals. Love it.
Holly - ♥♥ YESSIE YOUR SITE LOOKS SO GOOD!!! ♥♥ I love this style, you did an amazing job!
Yessie - I love this update! I'm so in love with my website. Thanks guys <3
Holly H - Hey Brian!

The PhotoBiz 8 upgrade should not impact your blog posts or comments, so don't worry! Your blogs will show up just like before without you having to do anything extra. Great question!
Brian - Hi Holly,

For blog comments, will I lose/keep those if I import? I assume they will be lost if I decide to start from scratch and have to basically repost my old blogs, is that correct?

Holly H - Hey Dean, Maureen, and Murray! I asked the team to add PhotoBiz 8 to your accounts, so keep an ear out! They'll let you know when it's active.

If anyone else needs the upgrade, leave a comment or email holly@photobiz.com and I'll get the upgrade into your account too :)

Thanks everybody!
Dave - I don't see the green button in my builder, how do I access Photobiz 8?

Holly H - Hi Dave!

I asked our team to take a look and add PhotoBiz 8 to your account. Thanks for getting in touch!