PhotoBiz Celebrates 15 Years!
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Friday, August 23, 2019
By Jeremy H
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It’s crazy how times flies, but with technology, nothing waits! 

This month marks PhotoBiz's 15th year building websites. Over the years, our business and platform have grown, but it has always been (and continues to be) our absolute pleasure to serve our photographer clients. It is our mission and our passion to help the world's most creative people grow their business and find success online!

Here's how it started and what's in store as we look forward to the future!

How It Began

In 2004, a photographer friend needed a way to showcase their work to potential clients. They didn’t have a website, and building one back then wasn't easy. At the time, the internet was still growing. To make a really special website, you needed to know how to code. That made it difficult for everyday photographers to shine online.

After hours of food and conversation, the idea of PhotoBiz was born – to help creative people all over the world easily make great-looking websites and stand out from the rest.

Our first-generation websites were built using unique and beautiful designs that turned galleries and slideshows into artistic and eye-catching presentations. This was an innovation in web design, bringing animation tools to the public before anyone else.

Beyond design, we understood that photographers require specialized tools to help with their workflow, sales, and business. PhotoBiz developed a raft of extra tools and features to proof images, sell to clients, communicate with clients, and highlight their work across the world.

As thousands of new PhotoBiz clients began building their business, so did our support team.

Legendary Passionate Support®

When it comes to customer care, our Passionate Support team is unrivaled.

In the beginning, it was just our two company owners taking calls, navigating technical issues, and helping customers build websites. As we grew as a company and added to our team, we made sure to keep customer service at the forefront of our mission.

We take the time to get to know our clients personally so we can see your business from the inside and understand your needs more clearly. Providing exceptional service is where PhotoBiz really stood out against other website builders and continues to shine to this day. Our care and attention to helping clients is what makes PhotoBiz... PhotoBiz!

PhotoBiz Today

As time moved on, technology evolved and so did our website platform, always keeping our customers' sites performing better than the rest.

More tools were developed to create a truly all-in-one experience, with an ever-improving website builder, custom form maker, a commission-free store, proofing gallery, marketing tools and more. As sites shifted to mobile, so did we, creating a builder that is fully mobile-responsive. And in 2019, we pioneered technology that made PhotoBiz the fastest website provider on the planet to date, period.

Through all these changes, we’ve never forgotten what’s most important: our customers and relationships.

So today we commemorate 15 years to not only celebrate PhotoBiz... but all of our customers and clients throughout the years!

Helping you build, design, and create a one-of-a-kind experience online is why we get up and hit the ground running everyday! We are continually inspired by your creativity, work, and drive. You keep us moving forward with inspiration to develop more and better tools for the future of photography online, so we thank YOU!

To everyone who has worked at PhotoBiz over the years and has made our business so special, thank you for your dedication, energy, attitude and know-how. Each one of us has contributed to the shared success of our company, and every day we leave our mark on the world by doing more and doing better than the day before. We would not be who we are today without your sparkle, you're the best!

Finally, here’s to the future! And to many more great years as we build the most complete, powerful, and easy platform for photographers and creative professionals!

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