John Krazmien


PhotoBiz Website Expert  & Sales Manager



John Krazmien is the resident website expert here at PhotoBiz, where he's been helping photographers build amazing portfolios & online stores for the last 9 years.


John currently heads up the PhotoBiz Sales Team, where he happily tackles any question or challenge that arises about branding, SEO, or having a really engaging website.


He can diagnose a problem in your sales funnel or whip up a great homepage with his eyes closed. (Well maybe not totally closed.)


He can also do a super sweet high kick like Diamond Dave – just ask him! 


John loves teaching people about what makes an ideal photography website and how to build them. 


Part of what makes him such a successful and engaging teacher is his knack for getting people to laugh and have fun... EVEN while learning about "boring old websites."


You can cash John outside – or giving talks at photography events near you!